Tatiana Cigars
Flavorful and Aromatic!

Tatiana has recently become one of our top-selling flavored cigars. It is hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic, made with Dominican fillers grown from Cuban-seed, draped in an Indonesian wrapper.

The attractive packaging and enticing flavors make this flavored smoke a great change of pace. The taste is smooth, mild and mellow, with a pleasant aroma. 
Honey - Combination of sweet natural honey and fine tobacco. Pleasantly aromatic.

Night Cap - Vanilla over Marcona almonds, Cafe Arabica and cocoa.

Rum - Sweet rum flavor with hints of molasses and spice, a delicious mild cigar.

Sweet Euphoria - Infusion of aromatic dried fruit with a pinch of pixie dust!

Vanilla - Blend of sweet natural vanilla and premium tobacco, the best selling flavor!!
Monday - Friday 8 am - 8 pm
Saturday 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday  10 am - 4 pm

Cherry - Smooth and mild with aroma of sweet ripe cherries.

Chocolate - Milk chocolate flavor with mild tobacco. Great with a cup of coffee!

Cinnamon - Infused with cinnamon and sweetness, a holiday favorite.

Fusion Frenzy - A fusion of sweet, natural aromatic fruit flavors. Very enjoyable!!

Groovy Blue - Berries soaked in vanilla, with acacia honey and cognac.
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